Thursday, March 08, 2007

Growing up

iGirl in action
I read something the other day about children growing up and its reminded me of something my niece, the iGirl, used to do. Before I went overseas in October last year, she wasn't saying the letter 's' at the beginning of words. When my mother asked her what she did in the garden, the answer was "niff and mell". But by the time we got to Christmas, she'd passed through this cute stage and was "sniffing and smelling" all over the place. But as a result of passing through this stage, I lost the cute nickname as she tried to say my name. Very sad.

I have another iGirl story: I called in one morning to pick up her father (my brother) to take him to work. The iGirl was all very matter of fact about me being there and once I'd turned up, had factored me into her day. When I announced that I was going off to work she was very worried: "Who is going to look after me?" was said in a tone of alarm even though her mother was in the next room.

I wanted to include these two little stories here because I've discovered that I've already forgotten so much of what my nephews used to do and if I make a note of the stories here, then I can reference them later.



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