Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy cat

This is what we arrived home to the other night - a very happy cat basking in the lawn clippings. She was all nice and toasty and, surprisingly, smelt lovely when she came in.

She has been quite a pain in the mornings lately. This morning she woke us up at about 4.30am by bouncing on us and saying that it was a new day and where was her breakfast. By 5.30am I. had got fed up and locked her out of the room so I managed to get another hours sleep. Still, not as bad as the other night when we heard her calling from downstairs with her "I've got a present for you" voice. It was a live mouse and when I appeared half way down the stairs, she got so excited that I might be going to fed her her biscuits that SHE LET IT GO! Fantastic. 3am in the morning and I was in bare feet and I didn't have my specs on. It was all too hard so I just went back upstairs to bed. Its not a comforting thought to think that there's a mouse running around some where.

I. and I have a deal - I deal with the feathered things and he deals with rodents. I have a lot more things to deal with but really, I still believe I'm getting the better end of the bargain as dead rats, or rather the left over, half chewed bits of rats, are not my most favourite things. Mind you, on the days we come home from work to find piles of feathers on the floor I feel a bit hard done by as I'm scrabbling around on hands and knees trying to get all the feathers. I've learnt by bitter experience that its really best not to fire up the vacuum cleaner until you've collected the feathers 'cos otherwise they tend to get blasted from one end of the room to the other and it makes the whole job that much more difficult.

Who'd have pets!



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