Friday, April 28, 2006

General thoughts

This is how Zebo fell asleep on one of her favourite white cushions the other night. Yes, that back leg is straight up in the air. I thought cats were meant to be elegant!

Had a very short week this week as Tuesday was Anzac Day so I took Monday off as well. Lovely at the time but it did mean that I've had to keep very focused to get through everything. I don't know why I always set myself impossible targets to achieve. Every morning I think "Right, I'll do this, then that, followed by that before I have a cup of coffee at 10". Unrealistic.

I had been hoping to get to France at the end of May but its not to be - finances definitely do NOT allow it. But all is not lost. I'm going to the UK to visit the little blister and hubby with my mother in October - I've almost never planned a holiday that far in advance before but it does mean that I've got lots of planning time. Hope to get across to Jersey for a look as well. Very exciting.

I. and I may still try to get across to Australia in May/June, depending on what deals we can get. I'm sure that I. will want to go some where that has fishing whereas I don't mind. As long as its warm I'm sure I'll be happy.

Better go and finish the week by doing some more work. Yay.


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