Monday, April 03, 2006

Classic Marathon 2006 photos

These photos are well overdue so here goes:

This was taken through the filthy windscreen of 2 cars further down the road - you can see them as dust plumes and there's another car around the corner ahead of us as you can see the dust in the air.

The Dixon was the lowest car on the tour and after a day driving through the Molesworth, they then had to go to the exhaust repair shop and have the exhaust reattached.

This lovely Vauxhall was the oldest car on the event and they appeared to have a really good time, even though they did get rather wet from time to time. Their only problem was that when they shut the driver's door in Picton in the rain (they had the hood up at that point), the window glass fell out and smashed on the road!

Not only did Geoff camp in Hanmer, he had to change a flat tyre the next morning in the rain.

Crossing some of the fords in Lees Valley - good fun.

Our car is the filthy Fiat at the front. It was so dirty by the end of the four days that I. felt obliged to clean it. We had no problems with the car during the trip but we now have a cunning plan to avoid any breakdowns - I. packs some tools in the car when we leave. If we have them, we never need them. If he's sure the car will run perfectly and doesn't put any in, we always need them!


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