Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Big business as vandals

Today we've run into how big businesses can be complete vandals just because they can. Vodafone are putting more "stuff" on the roof of our building. The outside of the building has a heritage protection order on it but Vodafone are just plowing ahead doing what they're doing without any thought for the look of what they're doing, or how its going to affect those of us that use this building.

They're installing cabinets on the roof tucked into a corner next to windows that let light into the stairwell and where we'll see them every time we go past. Because the roof is butanyl they've installed the trunking to the cabinets at shin height and the trunking is so wide it will be difficult to step over it. End result - they've cut the access to half the roof.

Apparently as tenants in the building we've got no rights to the roof deck so have been told to pull our heads in when we complained about destroying the access to the deck and the ugliness of the installation. The stupid thing is, is that there is a virtually empty pabx room at the bottom of the building where everything could go. That's what a pabx room is for!


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