Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter break

No photos from the weekend but I had a lovely time. We just stayed at home and the weather was fabulous. We kept saying we should get out and do things but spent most of the time at home.

I. finished putting the bullnose iron on the front verandah - huge job, especially as the last section was a corner which involved cutting iron to fit. I wasn't allowed to leave home and socialise in case he slipped and cut his wrists open but luckily nothing untoward happened.

It did mean that J. and her friend from England came out for coffee on Fri afternoon. I'd made quince and date scones (very yummy but I'd left them in the oven slightly too long - will know better for next time) which I knew that J. and I. wouldn't like but D. and I ate them. In fact, I pretty much ate them all weekend. I did feel guilty sitting in the sun just talking to the girls while I. slaved away on the roof but other than making cups of tea/coffee as required, there wasn't a lot I could do.

On Saturday we went in to the Canterbury Museum to see the new Hallett Station from the Antarctic exhibition. Very interesting, partly because our neighbour was down there for 2 seasons and the exhibition used some of his slides and sound recordings from the penguin colony in the exhibition. Such basic accommodation as well - the exhibition includes the hut that he lived in while he was down there. It was shipped back from the ice and put back together. Very primitive living but apparently that's exactly how it was.


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