Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long weekend

Well, we've just had the last long weekend until spring and it certainly was a mixed bag weatherwise. Sat was marginal, Sun was appalling and Mon was fantastic. I. has had a horrendous cold so spent the whole weekend nursing it so that he was able to make it to work today. Unfortunately I think I've caught it, even though we take all reasonable precautions to prevent passing it to each other. So runny eyes and sore throat don't bode well for me but I remain positive - this is as far as its going to go!

Sunday I left I. tucked up on the sofa and went up to Terrace Downs for lunch with friends. The weather was pretty horrendous but the Rakaia River looked spectacular with a mass of brown and swirly water pouring through the gorge. There were a lot of disappointed golfers hanging around at the club rooms, including some very wet ones that had obviously not listened to the weather forecast. I had a great time and didn't head home until about 5pm - I could have stayed longer but felt that I. might have been feeling very bored by then with only a sick cat for company.

We had to take Zebo to the vet on Fri as her eye was disgusting - turns out she had a wound that was ulcerating AND conjungtivitis. Charming. So eye drops 3x a day. She was very good about it all, especially as we always fed her as soon as we'd put the drops in.

Monday I went in to have an art morning with J. and her daughter A. which was so much fun. I'd been meaning to have a go at painting some small canvases but it was a lot more fun doing it in a group. Only managed to get 3 done but each one was better than the last and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We trashed their dining table but managed to avoid getting any paint on the furniture and minimal amounts on ourselves. I want to have another go but I'll have to have a bit more of a think about what I want to produce this time.

Even though Monday was a beautiful day it was sooo cold - there was snow on Banks Peninsula. Mount Dobson opened this weekend which was a real coup for them as they managed to beat Mount Hutt by a whole week. Hopefully this ski season will be much better than the previous couple but I really have to try and go soon, just in case.


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This pictures are similar to south of Chile but without snow.
Your country is a very interesting one to ua in agriculture issues.

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