Thursday, August 17, 2006

A social couple of days

I've just come back to work after having lunch out for the second day in a row. This is very unusual for me but its been great fun. Today was lunch with a friend who has just had 10 days in Fiji and I know I shouldn't be envious, but when she was talking about how fabulous it was, I definitely felt the green-eyed monster stirring. Tropical island holidays always sound fantastic and I've never had one, which is ridiculous when you think how close to all these amazing islands we are.

Yesterday was lunch with my younger brother (hi D!). I hardly ever get to see just him now days and wanted to make the effort. Years ago, when I worked in St Albans, we'd sometimes get together for lunch in Merivale but it must be at least 10 years since then. Went to the Vic which was great but when I got back to the car I thought I had a ticket. All the parking in the area is only 60 minutes & I was well past that. It turned out that someone had gone down the street putting flyers on all the windscreens but they looked like a ticket from a distance.

While having a cup of coffee just now, we watched a paraponter take off from the hill above us, glide overhead and land in the park below. Very cool. They're appealing to try but I don't think I'm brave enough. As my other brother says, its bad enough controlling a sailing boat and that's only 2 dimensions. Stuff in the sky adds a whole other dimension. Plus, it could involve pain if it all goes wrong. Mostly with sailing its just very wet when it goes wrong.

The photo is in honour of the fact that (on the fine days) its starting to feel very spring like. Plums have started flowering, there are lambs every where and we're almost able to drive to and from work without using the lights. Very exciting. The pink camellia is one of two by my front door and they flower prolifically. This photo was taken last year in September but I noticed last weekend that they were both starting to flower. In another week or so they'll be smothered.


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