Friday, July 21, 2006

Out to dinner

I just read a post on another blog (maliavale) that said to just write and not worry about what people think. That the writing is the important thing. It also said amongst other things, to write about your own city. So I will.

Last night I went out to dinner at Little Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant on Colombo St. Its amazing how often we end up there, partly because there's always room, partly because they're very good about children, partly because the food is plentiful and cheap, but mostly because of the deep fried banana and icecream dessert! I'd never had this particular delicacy before being taken there a couple of years ago and now I ALWAYS make sure I have room for it, even though its full of everything I shouldn't be having.

Our friend K was up from Dunedin and had to head home today so we went to celebrate her getting her cast off her arm. Its been a real marathon for her and she doesn't have a lot of strength or mobility in her wrist yet. Thank goodness for ACC but she's desperate to get back to a full wage - she said she's going backwards at the moment. K, L and their daughter G were there, as was J. I. had decided to bail as he's spending today and the weekend doing some renovations with his brother on his mother's town house.

As usual, we had a great time. We always order Christmas Squid (its actually Crispy but our first experience of it was just prior to Christmas so yanno) but for the rest of the dishes we choose numbers at random, check what they are and go with it. I chose 22 first but when we discovered it was shark fin & mushroom soup, it got abandoned. Partly because I don't like mushrooms but mostly because we don't believe in the principle of shark fin soup. We always end up in a huge mess having eaten too much but its great. You can't pretend that its high-end cuisine but its always great and always open.

G turns 5 in a couple of months and is very artistic. Unfortunately she had a really bad cold and coughed an awful lot but was very good about it all. She's very artistic so her mother had bought along paper and pens. At one stage she asked me how to spell my name and then wrote it out so neatly under a drawing she'd done for me. I was able to find in my random diary a drawing she'd done one other time we'd been at the same restaurant when she was only 2. She said that she could remember that day because it was my birthday. Remarkable child!

Leaving the restaurant was freezing cold. It had been very cold and wet during the day but the skies had cleared so we could see stars which meant that it was going to freeze. Made for a lovely drive home though. But when I woke up this morning it wasn't frozen but is was seriously cold. A southerly had come through in the night with a howling wind.

We've had rain/hail/snow at work almost all day so far today, mostly of the horizontal variety. All the heaters are going full blast and even then they can barely keep up. You know what its like when you're sitting working at a computer - you hardly move and all your extremities start to freeze up and you can barely move your fingers. I've got the fan heater blowing under my desk and got icy fingers. I just can't picture 40 degrees on the London underground that the little blister was in yesterday right at the moment!


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