Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wet, wild & windy

I know I comment a lot on the weather here, I think partly because I grew up on a farm where the weather is so integral to your life and survival. Anyhoo, the weather the last couple of days has been pretty unbelievable. All the 3 w's mentioned above.

I'd been feeling confident about the lack of leaks in my office as I hadn't (note the past tense) had any for a couple of months but today I have 13 various types of containers scattered around the floor behind me catching leaks! I'd take a photo but it would be far too depressing. I'm beginning to believe that its the wind pushing the water somewhere so that it ends up in my office.

I'm putting off walking out to the mailbox to clear the mail because of the weather but I used that excuse yesterday as well and at some point one just has to grit one's teeth and brave the elements. If the postie can, then so can I.

Strange to think that my folks are still in the air on their way to the UK to see the little blister having left town last night. At this stage they'll be over the States somewhere. 24 hours in an aluminium can! Stranger to think that I'll be doing it in 8 weeks!! As my youngest brother says - you pay a fortune to sit in an aluminium can for 24 hours while people run around outside and change the scenery. Mind you, one of the scenery changes could well involve Paris and that is always a good option.

My diary has just popped up with the daily alarm that says "Focus". Its a very timely reminder and I'll do just that. Until next time, keep warm and stay dry.


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