Thursday, July 27, 2006

Canterbury winter

I'm enjoying our winter weather at the moment. We're in a settled period of clear, frosty nights and beautiful sunny days. I was out on the deck upstairs with Barney at morning tea and even though I could see my breath, it was fabulously sunny. The mountains looked absolutely amazing as we drove in to work this morning and its noticeable that the sun is hitting them earlier in the mornings as the days get longer. These are all positive things.

Its now a bit later in the day and it has clouded over. My fingers are frozen (again) even though its apparently 20 degrees in here and I've had to turn the heater on. I think the problem is that I've been doing a bit of surfing instead of working which although fun, is not conducive to getting the blood circulating. I'm not about to leap to my feet and start doing star jumps but I think if I started running around doing actual work it might help.

In order to procrastinate a little bit longer, I'll now go and get the mail!


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