Thursday, March 29, 2007

Autumn is checking in

I was just reading a post about spring breezes and spring cleaning (Wish Jar - obviously a northern hemisphere blog) and I realised that I am actually looking forward to autumn. I went shopping for veges the other day and only now do I realise that I bought some of my most favourite winter veges, potatoes and pumpkin, for roasting.

Today is the second day of misty, damp weather that's not particularly cold and the forecast is for it to stay the same until Monday next week. I had been feeling a bit glum about it all as we've had some truly fabulous weather lately (foggy mornings opening up into clear, sunny and hot days) but where the nights are cool enough to sleep well under your duvet. But back to my point about the overcast weather - I enjoy living in a climate where we have defined seasons and where I want to eat winter type food. Casseroles, roasts, oven cooked vegetable dishes, sticky puddings (not too many of those though). To be fair, I've never lived somewhere that's always warm but the benefit of here is that the ski fields are close in the winter and the sea is even closer in the summer.

Autumn is always a beautiful time of the year. The pin oaks are starting to turn burnt orange and deep red, the poplars are gold and the swallows are starting to form groups and think about flying away. Earlier this week there was a ceremony to farewell the godwits. I didn't go to it but I like the idea of change and shifting. It allows time for new celebrations and enjoyments like hot chocolate drinks (see yesterday's post!) and roast meals with friends. Warm fires and thick, fluffy jerseys. Seeing snow on the mountains as we drive to work. Clear starry nights as we drive home - sometimes we're lucky enough to see shooting stars.

Sure, it means the start of colder weather, lots of rain, unexpected snowfalls, colds, 'flu and other negatives but when I think of autumn I don't think of all these things. I mostly think about the beauty of nature and look forward to all the colours it puts on. Which reminds me, I must drive past the university as they have some fabulous trees on Creyke Road which should be looking amazing soon.



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