Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ordered gardens

I have been meaning to put up some photos from the garden club trip I went on recently. After reading some other blogs, I decided that it could be nice to try to theme them - I call this set "lines", or maybe it should just be "order"

Top photo: taken with my back to the sea, looking at the fabulous Kaikouras.
Centre (L to R): rhubarb growing in a row of old tyres; coloured lettuces at a commercial grower
Bottom (L to R): lavendar farm; low hedge with rock border

There were many, many wonderful ideas and the weather was fantastic. Amazingly, all the gardeners we visited said that frosts were hardly ever an issue but the salt laden wind was, of course. I had set out with high hopes of getting ideas for an hedge but didn't see many at all. Most gardens we visited had extensively used rocks - they must be much more readily available than down my way.

I'll endeavour to get more photos up soon.


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