Friday, November 18, 2005

And now its summer again!

Its a fantabulous day again - clear blue sky with a warm breeze. And its just in time for the weekend. So we're looking forward to our campout tomorrow night with friends at Lake Daniels - chosen for the size & ferocity of its sandflies. It'll be the ideal time to try out my lavendar insect repellent, bought when we visited the lavendar farm in Kaikoura on the garden trip. The boy remains sceptical about is repelling power but he hasn't smelt how strong it is yet! I may yet be able to post images of sandfly bites - something to look forward to.

Spoke to my little blister in London yesterday. Hard to imagine that she's wearing coats and scarves whereas I'm in summer sandles and raffia hats (and the bits in between!). Its amazing how much more motivated I am on warm sunny days, as long as I don't spend too long looking out the window at life going on out there without me. I have to go through to Lyttelton to do the banking shortly and I know I'll just want to join all the tourists sitting at the caf├ęs soaking up the sunshine.

Got to dash - all of sudden the phones have gone crazy with people wanting work done by tonight. Aaaahhhh - Fridays!


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