Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quick catch up

The long weekend was fabulous. Friday and Saturday were incredibly hot - 31 degrees, but each night a front came through with amazing dark thunderheads but we didn't get any rain until Sat night. We got a lot done in the garden - mainly along the tree pruning front and filled the double axle trailer. Luckily my parents came up on Sun afternoon and took it away. There's an old shingle pit they're able to put prunings into and then burn them which makes life so much easier for us. We're trying to catch up on things that we should have done over the last couple of years which means that the hedges have got away on us. We've been cutting tree-like branches out of some of them which means that we have an awful lot of greenery to get rid of.

Today the weather is freezing. We've had to put the air conditioner at work onto heat and even then its still cool. Sitting at the computer typing with cold fingers is not my definition of fun. The forecast was for the weather to clear up this afternoon so hopefully we'll get back to our summer weather.

These photos show how fabulous our roses are at the moment. Top left is Leander, top right is Royden and the bottom photo shows how they're growing with Freisia in the middle and some Alstomeria underneath. I can see these roses from the kitchen window which is great. We've tried growing a Royden before and it just didn't "do" but this plant is very healthy and strong. All these roses have a strong perfume so every time you walk past you're almost swamped with the smell. Fantastic.


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