Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The emperor's new clothes

I had to show you a photo of Barney wearing his new coat - he's very proud of himself in it and toasty warm. He's standing by one of his most favourite toys - a scrunched up sheet of paper. He gets so enthusiastic about chasing it when you throw it that he often kicks it forward with his feet as he bounces up to it. Very cute.

Yesterday was absolutely freezing. I had frozen fingers virtually the whole day and just didn't work well. This morning didn't start off so brilliantly either - the hot water stopped running in the shower before I'd finished so I ended up having a very brisk (and short) cold shower. The pipe out of the tank had frozen. Even the carpark at work was frozen and I don't remember it freezing at all last year - very unusual for the valley as its normally regarded as being pretty much frost free. But the upside of all this is that it is the most fabulous day with clear blue and sunny skies. Hooray.


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