Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let there be SNOW!!

I got a request from my little blister for a homesick making shot of the Canterbury Plains with snow capped mountains in the distance so I complied (top shot). I even included the ubiquitous sheep. Taken from the moving car so you could just about call it an action shot!

Then on Monday morning we woke up to quiet - not even any cars and the radio saying that the local high school was closed for the day, which was pretty strange. So I peered out the window and it was snowing! Big, fat flakes falling out of the sky. Very unusual for us to get snow so it was pretty exciting. So I thought I'd better get another shot of the mountains taken in pretty much the same place, also in a moving car but taken much earlier in the day (i.e. dawn) so I've had to torture the photo some what to make it visible.

Photo of the nectarine tree looking impressive. It's still snowing at this point - you can see the flakes against the red of our shed. But check out the impressive build up of snow on the power lines to the garage. We were sure we'd lose power but although it flickered a lot all day, it only went out for a total of 2 minutes. We were a lot more fortunate that people inland and further south - some of them are still without power (its now Thursday) and for some of them, it could be another week yet.

This is taken out our living room window just after we'd decided not to drive to work as it was still snowing and we weren't sure we'd be able to get home (we have a long commute). Turns out we probably could have made it to work in the afternoon but a 2 hour round trip for only 2 hours at work is not all that appealing. Staying at home keeping the log fire going and stroking the cat whilst reading your book was a much more attractive proposition.

We still have a lot of snow lying around at home. We didn't get home from work until 10.30pm last night and the house was freezing. There's still snow on the roof and although the lawn has thawed a bit, there's still a lot of snow lying around. With the full moon the last couple of nights, it looked spectacular (and frosty). All the skiers & snowboarders are very excited.


Blogger Miki & Tiki said...

Fabulous homesick-making shot of my favourite mountains. A definite show-and-tell at work tomorrow. Hard to believe that snow when I'm uncomfortably warm on this side of the world....

Blister (little)

7:30 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Steph you do realise now that I know you have a wonderful window to photograph through specially of the snow I will be paying a visit to you next snow fall here, mind that could be a good year away yet.

Amazing photos, good on you for capturing the not so obvious shots. Maybe even able to work them into a category at Camera Club.

1:27 PM  

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