Friday, June 23, 2006

Frosty mornings

This shot is to make my little blister homesick! Driving to work earlier this week (Tuesday) there was this absolutely fabulous Port Hills skyline because it was a frosty morning (see the white grass on the side of the road?) By this time all the snow that had been lying around had long gone, except for in the shady corners of our garden.

This was the same morning once I'd got to work looking out over the valley and north to the Alps. Frost in this area is quite unusual - even the stones in the carpark were frozen solid. We did get a fabulous day though.

Writing this today and I wish we had this wicked frost again because then at least it would be a fine day. At lunchtime yesterday it was only 3 degrees and driving rain with snow it. Today its mostly dry but a strong, cold southerly. I need to go out at some point fairly soon to buy lunch stuff and I'm putting it off!


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