Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ice fishing?

Last Sunday was a beautiful day so we decided to go up to the mountains. I. had cabin fever, particularly since a friend of his mentioned winter fishing so he decided that we needed to head to Lake Pearson to see what was happening.

The mountains looked absolutely spectacular driving up - crisp white against a clear blue sky. Perfect conditions for all the skiers and just in time for the school holidays so all the ski fields will do really well this season for a change.

The following photos were all taken out of the moving car.

The above photo is taken at the top of Porters Pass and shows some of the multitudes of cars lining the road so people could go toboganning. Some people had their barbecues out as well and everyone looked very happy. I don't have any waterproof trousers at the moment so didn't want to get out there and join them.

This is Castle Hill, where all the rock climbers go. Once again, the sides of the road were covered in cars with happy families exploring the winter wonderland but I don't think there was much rock climbing going on.

This is Lake Pearson. I don't know if you can see the white area in the middle of the lake but its not a cloud reflection - its ice. Even in the sun it was bitterly cold and I. didn't see hide nor hair of any fish but still had a good time. All the willow trees around the lake had feathery icicles on them - very pretty but it shows how cold it was because even in the sun, the icicles didn't melt.

When I. finished stalking trout, we cooked up some bacon for bacon butties but almost froze our butts off when the sun disappeared behind the mountains. The temperature plummeted and we thought that we weren't going to be able to finish cooking the bacon it got so cold. We persevered and the instant it was cooked, we ate and left. Arriving home to the log fire still going was fabulous.


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