Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend report

We had a great weekend, both weather-wise and getting stuff done-wise! On Friday night we went to help friends set up a stand at the classic car show at Pioneer Stadium. Its always reasonably awkward doing a stand there as its a wooden floor and is used for sport so everyone has to be super careful not to damage it.

We were doing a Peking to Paris 100th anniversary display which generated a lot of interest. G. had a map of the route that he put up and people from the other stands were coming over and shaking their heads when they saw it. Most people thought we were mad. The good thing about doing the stand this year is that G. works for a show (musical) company and we were able to use some props e.g. a camel, in our camping in the desert with our cars scene. It was all G.'s idea and we used upside down carpet to represent the sand. It was all quite effective.

I'd decided that I needed to come to work on Saturday because I hadn't got enough done during the week. I find that if I'm planning to come back to work, its best to do it on Sat because then its not hanging over me the whole weekend. I must admit that as I drove in on Sat in the warm and sunny day, I couldn't believe I was wasting a fabulous day at work but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I got heaps done, which was excellent. And afterwards I went over to J's place for coffee and a chat which is always fun. I borrowed the original 'Sabrina' DVD from her and watched it on Sat night. Obviously I enjoy the later one more (Harrison Ford, need I say more) but did enjoy it. Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous but the movie is so dated now - it was produced in 1954.

Yesterday was another great day so we got heaps done at home. I. has almost completely finished the front verandah - just a final top coat to go on all the paintwork and put up the last of the guttering and then its done. It looks good too. I gardened and am a bit stiff today but I'm sure its good for me. Managed to fill the wheelie bin with rubbish which is always the challenge of the weekend - it seems like such a waste of opportunity when it goes out half full.

Last night was just pottering around, doing dishes etc but I did manage to do some repairs to clothing - sewing on missing buttons. Seems like such a waste of time but its great to get some clothes back.

So, not the most exciting of weekends but we achieved a lot.


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