Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nest building progress

Top photo taken this morning, bottom photo taken 31/8/06

As you can see, the nest on the left is now HUGE - I'm not sure how the swallows manage to fit in but they are still very busily flying backwards and forwards to it. The nest on the right has increased slightly in size but I haven't seen any birds flying to it for a couple of days which is sad.

Yesterday at about 3pm we heard a sonic boom from a meteorite entering the earth's atmosphere. Because there's a workshop downstairs with flammable goods in it, at first we thought someone had managed to blow themselves up and then when everyone appeared looking hale and hearty, we thought a petrol storage tank might have blown up in Lyttelton. But it was all over the news that a meteorite had caused the boom which shook this building - quite an impressive feat as its made of concrete. Apparently they've found a piece of it somewhere near Hinds. How cool is that?


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