Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Random thoughts on a sunny spring morning

Rakaia River mouth lagoon

I've just realised that I've stopped taking photos! I had three functions last week where I would have normally waved my camera around and I didn't. Partly because at the two birthday parties there were so many cameras being used there weren't a lot of participants left that were just being at the party, instead of recording it. But also partly because of the local photography club I've joined.

I've got nothing against the club - I really enjoy it. Its the only local thing I do as I don't work locally. I guess the problem is that instead of taking more photos and trying different things, I've gone the other way and given up which is ridiculous! I'm learning a lot from the discussions at the club about taking photos, so instead of feeling that my photos are amateurish (nothing wrong with that) I should be trying harder. So starting from today I'm going to try and take at least one photo a day.

The down side of not taking photos at the birthday parties is that I now don't have many photos from them as only 1 person has shared their photos with me (unsubtle hint to my family!). I've learnt my lesson though. I'm about to go now and take a progress photo of the swallows when I have coffee.


Blogger Cheryl said...

Nope simply not allowed, you are not allowed to NOT take photos!

A photo a day is a good start! Look around and just enjoy the ordinary! Never know girl you may just get a winner in amongst the ordinary!

And keep in mind the rule of thirds, moving the point of interest out of centre often makes it pop out even more!

Love the photo of the pile at Rakaia.

10:09 AM  

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