Thursday, April 05, 2007

Again with the autumn

The making of quince & tomato jam, May 2006

I just realised this morning as I looked at my fruit bowl, that its full of fantastic autumn bounty, most of which has been supplied from friends' gardens. Quinces, big fat vine ripened tomatoes, small sweet grapes, lemons and feijoas (store bought as I couldn't wait).

Quince and tomato jam making is on the menu for the weekend and if I'm really brave, I might even try quince jelly. I've never made jelly before so feel quite daunted about the whole process. The up side is that if it doesn't work, there's still more quinces to be harvested.

This morning it was only about 6 degrees when I exited the house but its turned into a fantastic sunny day with a gentle breeze. One of the joys of this time of year is having leaves fall on you as you walk to drive around - so cool.



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