Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nothing in particular

Winter sunrise, 2007

Photo taken for a class for my photography club but I just couldn't get it to print well. The sunrise was absolutely amazing though and I was glad I'd made the effort to grab the camera and have a go.

I feel very out of touch at the moment. Life rocks on in autopilot and I feel as though I'm just going with the flow. Its been brought home to me today how much I'm just going with it as its I.'s last day at work.

For the last 4-5 years, we've been travelling together to work. As we have a 3/4 hour commute, its given us this enforced time together where we can talk about whatever - whinge about work, make holiday plans, have an arguement, decide what to have for tea - and its about to come to an end. Tomorrow, I'll be commuting by myself.

It does mean that I can listen to RDU as soon as it comes into range (I. really dislikes it) but it also means that I have to drive both ways. Not a problem really but it was nice to share out the driving. Generally, I. drove in the mornings and it was my turn in the evenings. Now I'll have to be more awake in the mornings.

I. is going to have some time off from full-time, paid employment. If its fine tomorrow he'll either go fishing or play some golf. He's very excited and is walking around with a huge grin on his face. He has got some worked lined up, including going to stay with his brother (K.) to help him build his garage that he's been trying to build for about a year. I'm sure some fishing will be fitted in around that as well.

Of course, being without the regular second income is of some concern but I'm sure we'll be fine. Maybe it will help me focus on my own work and generating a decent income but its not really working today. (Hence the procrastination of writing a post. Not going to bed until midnight last night is probably the real cause of my lack of motivation though.)

Its not as though he's not going to be earning nothing, its just going to be less and not as regular as we've got used to. As I say, if I really got cranking in my own business things would be great. Intellectually, I know that I can do it. Its just turning that knowledge into motivation and action. It all seems a bit much effort today. Could be the chocolate cake we had for morning tea and the Subway sandwich for lunch?



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