Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I had high hopes when I started writing in this blog that I would add to it every day but that just turned it into a burden. I then decided to take the pressure off & just write when I felt I had something to say, which turned out to be once a week. At some point I guess I'll get the balance right.

Having a particularly yucky day today. Don't feel good and my brain has turned to mush. A client rang up about some work that I thought I'd already sent a proof for and I couldn't even find the work. Took half an hour of frantic searching and eventually found it with completed jobs. And I hadn't sent the proof! Thank goodness he had the good sense to phone & see what was happening.

So now I'm frantically working on another job that I'd said would be ready tomorrow, but then ignored. We're planning to take tomorrow pm off to potter around and do stuff so I can't even make up time then. I guess the real problem is that I'm not even feeling tense about it because I feel so terrible. But progress is being made.

The weather at the moment has been really weird. The ground is very dry and we're having to water the garden, but the days generally have a cold wind (either an easterly or sou'west) with the occasional great day. Very strange. Rock on warm weather again.


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