Thursday, December 15, 2005


Last night I babysat a friend's daughter but I could hardly call it babysitting as she's 9.

I had a great time. A. had a plan for what she wanted to do, which was to work on the stuffed doll she's making for her 5 year old cousin. I'm very impressed with her because she has a complete vision in her head of what she wants to do and achieve and I was there to help her execute the vision.

We made great progress. The doll had been stuffed but the gaps needed sewing. I pinned, she hand sewed and I did the tying off. Then buttons were sewn on. We were on a roll so we made a start on the doll's hair which consists of yellow plaits. A. made 5 fat plaits and sewed one on before we called a halt to the evening.

The doll has to be made by Monday but there is only the hair to finish and even then A. has a plan. So impressed.


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