Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wet meal

Went out for a Christmas dinner last night with a business women group I belong to and it turned out the restaurant provided waaaaay more entertainment than they, or we, were expecting to. The restaurant, MU (stands for Meat Unlimited apparently) has its official opening on Thursday night but last night was an opportunity for them to do a dry run, including our group of 22.

It didn't look completely finished (tiles missing under the bar, curtains hadn't arrived etc) but still looked great. There was a huge number of staff on but they were using it as a training night, all four owners were there as well and a large number of other patrons. They had us seated in an upstairs separate dining area and we were being well looked after. We had a slight delay with our meals but they fed us bread and dips which kept the ravening hordes at bay. I'd have to say that we barely noticed as there was so much talking going on.

Then, just as most of us had got our mains, there was a loud rushing noise like compressed air escaping and lots of running around downstairs, followed by a taped message asking us to evacuate the building. We could see into the kitchen and a water sprinkler system main had burst and was spewing water out all over the kitchen - ovens, hot plates, food, staff were all dripping.

A few of us (not me 'cos I didn't think of it) took their meals and drinks with them when they exited. In the end four fire engines (1 fire woman amongst all the men) and a rescue ladder truck turned up. They eventually managed to stop the flooding but of course the kitchen had to be closed. Everyone's food was cold but they were able to give us hot drinks from the bar. We didn't stay long after all that but they refused payment for what we'd had which was generous of them as we all found it quite entertaining. Quite aside from the drama, the atmosphere and the food were excellent and I was looking forward to my lime mousse pie for dessert. I could recommend going there as I'm sure they'll have ironed out their teething problems by their official opening!!


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