Monday, January 30, 2006

Pride ALWAYS goeth before a fall

What on earth possessed me to write smugly that going to bed early was the answer and that I now had that taped and could move on to bigger and more important issues?

Fri night: 1.30am
Sat night: 1am
Reason: Watching complete & utter rubbish on TV (OK, I enjoyed the Sabrina movie but could have easily rented so there were no ad breaks). Even while I was doing it I was saying to myself that this was a complete waste of time & I was going to wreck my enjoyment in the next day and guess what? I was right.

Back at work today and I feel jaded. A bit like the boys who've just come back from the States feel and look, I suspect. Madness and frustration.

When you're tired its difficult to cope with everything. Cooking tea last night I kept dropping things and swearing. I. hates it when I cook when I'm tired - he finds it a stressful thing to listen to and will often remove me from the kitchen for my own safety. The other thing I find I do is that the little nagging voice in my head keeps calling me an idiot for doing it again and how I'll never get any better and just give up now! Mostly I can reprogramme the voice but when I'm tired it takes a lot more effort.

So I'm playing music loudly on my computer and typing here rather than doing real work 'cos things just aren't working. Deadlines are being stretched but I'll just have to be flexible. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully, with a more rested body things will progress better.


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