Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Summer hiatus

This cicada was perched on top of one of the computer monitors when we came in to work in the first week back. He must have just hatched as he was a brilliant green and very fragile looking. I rescued him and put him out on a tree outside as he would have lasted no time inside. So not only do we have great views outside, we also have the wildlife living inside.

Because our building was essentially unmaintained for 20 years, when we moved in just over a year ago we had to wage war on various vermin. I discovered that rats find dog treats extremely tasty when they filched the sample packet my customer had given me off my desk and dragged it across the office and tried to get it out their access hole.

The good thing about that was we found where they were coming in and have managed to block it off and haven't lost anything since. Mind you, the poisongin programme might have helped with that. But I did have to sterilise my desktop, chair and everything else. The thought that there had been a rat running around on my desk was just too gross to comtemplate.


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