Saturday, December 17, 2005

Its been a very long day

I've spent all day at work on a panic job. I'm feeling very jaded and uninspired at this point but thankfully I'm just printing the final proofs now and can then go and baby sit my niece and nephew. I'm REALLY hoping for an easy shift!!

What amazes me is how my brain has just turned to mush and how much junk food I've eaten - probably the cause of the mushy brain if I think about it. On a normal work day I make my own sandwiches every lunch time with fresh food but because it was Saturday, I didn't think to bring anything with me. I'm way too embarrassed to say what I've eaten. My teeth are all furry and I've got a craving for fruit.

I read an article last week that said eating two apples a day will lower your cholesterol within 6 weeks. I haven't reached that target this week but I'm going to try again.


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