Thursday, March 16, 2006

All work & no play!

Work is all I've done this week, or at least, that's what it feels like but if I review the week, I've actually been pretty lucky.

Tuesday morning my mother came and picked me up and we drove to Akaroa for morning tea! (There are some benefits to being self employed, which include having to work until 9.30pm last night to try and catch up from all the time I've had to take off lately but that's by-the-by.)

Anyway, Akaroa — I hadn't finished setting all the route for the Marathon next weekend so rang Mother up to see if she was up for an adventure. That in itself is a fairly safe bet but scheduling is always a problem in her life as she's a very busy woman. So, 8am departure from Leeston, very cruisy drive over with minimal traffic. The hardest part was finding a café that was open with food at 10am. Ended up in Ma Maison Deli which provided excellent muffins and lots of locals cruising through.

Then on up onto the tops to set the missing portion of the route. The views from the Summit Road are just stunning. Everyone on the tour should enjoy themselves. We then cruised back round Lyttelton Harbour and had lunch at work. All very relaxing. Mother had to head off (getting ready for a meeting - what a surprise) and I tried to settle down to some work.

But then I get a text message from my best friend from secondary school to ask what time we'd be getting home from work as she was on her way!! I'd muddled my days and thought she was coming to stay Wed night (apparently I. knew the plan and it was me that was confused) so had to race home and rescue her off the side of the road because we hadn't left a spare key out!

I didn't feel that S. and I talked a lot but according to I., we did. He bailed and went out to potter in the garage for a fair portion of the evening and then went to bed early. S. & I had a great time. She didn't have to meet her mother until midday so I came in to work with her and we pottered about the city, finishing with coffee in Lyttelton which was really pleasant. Its not something that she gets to do a lot of living out in the country and she seemed to enjoy it.

But it meant that 2 days in a row I was very late for work, which meant that I couldn't mess around here because of the guilt I feel because this isn't "real" work! Still got lots to do so had better go do it, instead of procrastinating which I'm very skilled at.


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