Friday, February 10, 2006

Yucky yucky cold

I guess it had to happen - all the guys next door and I. have succumbed to a cold that one of them brought back from the States 2 weeks ago and now I'm getting it. Sore throat and earache. Not fun. Just in time for the weekend so I guess I'll be nesting over the weekend trying to get rid of it. I'm already gargling some revolting liquid to try and reduce it.

But to lighten the mood have a look at the notepad I got yesterday from a paper rep. I love getting notepads and this one has all the colours of the rainbow and then some in it. Very cheerful.

And also, by special request of the little blister: another Barney photo.

Apparently it was wildly exciting to have someone's finger waggling at him through a hole in the desk!


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