Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All babies must grow & leave home

I'm annoyed with myself for not waving my camera around more at work!

In December a pair of Welcome Swallows started to build their mud & spit nest under the eaves of the tearoom but half of it fell off, leaving a big pile of mud at the bottom of the wall. Undaunted, they rebuilt the nest. Do you think, after the avalanche of mud had departed, that when they arrived back with their next mouthful of mud, they thought "What the??" or if they never noticed and carried on building?

Back to the lack of photos.

When we came back after our Christmas break, the parents were flying backwards and forwards and all we could see was a row of open mouths whenever they came home. Then, a row of 5 fat little babies. Friday last week the babies were experimenting with flying away from the nest and coming back. This week they've gone. Just like that.

It was all over so quickly.


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