Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend just disappearing in a flurry of work

After the last couple of great weekends, I'm really struggling to accept the fact that I've had to work all weekend. Its my own fault - procrastination is the bane of my life. I now know why I do it but it doesn't help when I've procrastinated and am now desperately trying to catch up by using all my spare time at work. Its a temporary situation only because it will all be over by Wed lunch time one way or another! I mean that the work will be done one way or another.

Apparently procrastination often arises because one wants to do a perfect job and as a result, one finds it difficult to get started until you know how its going to pan out. I always thought that in my case it was laziness but apparently not necessarily. Sounds much better.

A side effect of all my procrastination is tension - shoulders, stomach, tension band across my forehead. Not a lot of fun. Plus I've lost my ability to multi-task which is a real asset in my work. So at the moment I'm just working on one thing at a time and have this constant feeling of fighting fires on every front.

But I know that Wed lunch time it will all be behind me because I'm taking the rest of the week off to go on the car tour. Once I'm in the car and driving north, life will be good and as the miles roll by, the tension will ease and the furrows in the brow will decrease.


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