Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My brain is too full to write anything reasonably coherent but holiday tomorrow. Yay!!

-• Every day there's a fantail that visits the stairwell of the building checking out all the cobwebs and dead insects. Today he's bought a buddy along and they're both hanging off the light twittering at us as we go past.

-• Had a unannounced fire drill this morning, just as we'd all made ourselves our coffee. So of course we take our mugs with us but then get told off by the 'expert' as we'd taken longer & its dangerous to take our drinks/food with us in case we spilt them and someone slipped over. He didn't mention anything about the fact that we were standing outside in a howling (OK, slight exaggeration) southerly and were freezing.

-• Thank goodness for pain killers - the headache has now dulled to tight band round my forehead, instead of the thumper that it was.

- The view out my window is gradually decreasing as the weather closes in and it gets all misty/cloudy. But how great is it to have a view at work?

-• I've managed to completely trash my office over the last 9 days of work and I think I am actually going to have to take some time to put everything away again or I could get lost in here.

That's all I'm capable of today.


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