Friday, August 10, 2007


I've just been reading Secret Agent Josephine's latest post about how tired she is and I completely sympathise! I'm overtired at the moment but in my case, its completely self induced. A few late nights, a late meeting and then last night, even though I'd promised myself that I would go to bed early, I didn't. The bloke did and when he went off I knew I should as well but I just couldn't.

I get like that sometimes. Unable to drag my lazy self off the sofa and getting grumpier by the minute. The worst of it is is that I know I'm doing it and I can't stop myself.

At least today I don't have a headache and I have been able to concentrate on doing some work. We've had nor'wests for the last 3 days which is fabulous (warm and dry) although when you're at work you don't really get to see the weather. But it does feel like spring. Hopefully this will continue into the weekend.

With I. now not working, he's been a busy little boy around home. The rotten corner of the house has been dismantled and replaced over the last two days. As a result though, he's feeling shattered and I think is planning to have a much easier day today and clean up the mess of rotten weatherboards and stuff that is scattered in the garden. My excuse for not working in that garden has now gone. I hadn't wanted to put effort into it because I knew he'd be trampling all over it as he worked on the house and now that its done, hmmm, I guess I could do some gardening tomorrow?!



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