Friday, February 26, 2010


It could have been a post about the weather, which has been remarkably 'fine', if not brilliant, but its not. It could have been a post about my health which is 'fine', but its not.

Its a whinge about the fact that I have 2 overdue library books for the first time in forever and I now have a 'fine' of . . . $2 each = $4 total! Hmmmpff.

What's happened is that I've decided that I've been spending way too much time reading lately. I had got to the point of taking out 5-6 books a week and reading them all. End result: life passing me by. So I just left the pile of unread books in the corner and thought I would read them before returning them. Didn't, haven't, going back unread - nothing wrong with the books, I may even get them out for another attempt (once I've paid my fine).

Its a different life now that I'm not powerhousing through reading ALL THE TIME. I have more time in my day for doing things like spending time with I., doing dishes, chatting to friends, noticing the weather, etc. Much more interesting.

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