Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More on the reading list front

Just a quick entry with a couple of months reading lists!

Mar 2008
  • The True & Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters (Elisabeth Robinson) - this was all written in letters form, which I found annoying but still managed to finish
  • Bubbles in Trouble (Sarah Strohmeyer) - the note to myself says "trash". I think that says it all
  • Ice Blue (Anne Stuart) - murder mystery
  • Small Gods (Terry Pratchett) - always good
  • The Year of Our War (Stephen Swainston) - unreadable. I returned it to the library unread
  • Like (Ali Smith) - very modern. Felt the author just tried too hard
  • The Wedding Day(Catherin Alliott) - chick lit. Ho hum
  • The Chocolate Run (Dorothy Koomson) - chick lit. Very good
Favourite book of the month would be 'The Chocolate Run' which my sister left with me after her visit and has now been passed on to a friend who ended up in hospital.

April 2008
  • Freedom's Challenge (Anne McCaffrey) - fantasy. Quick read
  • The Buenos Aires Quintet (Manual Vazquez Montalban) - didn't finish it as just didn't get into it
  • Summer in the City (Pauline McLynn) - light & trashy. Don't remember this one but I suspect I quite enjoyed it!
  • Chocolate & Zucchini (Clotilde Dusoher) - recipe book from the website of the same name. Enjoyed thumbing through it but didn't take the time to make anything from it
  • Snap Happy (Fiona Walker) - chick lit
  • Nine Layers of Sky (Liz Williams) - fantasy. Unsatisfying
  • The War of the Flowers (Tad Williams) - fantasy. Enjoyable but the library doesn't have the next book!!
  • Just Enough French (Sally Hammond) - author travelled in France for a few months. Ultimately unsatisfying
Can't remember any of these books really so can't pick which was my favourite, probably 'Chocoalte & Zucchini'.

May 2008
  • Deep France (Celia Brayfield) - another author living in France. OK
  • Girls' Night In (can't remember author) - chick lit. Unmemorable [Edited to add: I just "googled" the title and now remember that it was a selection of short stories from female authors. I also remembered that I found most of the stories well below par but I think it was the 3rd book produced so that probably explains it.]
  • Billy Straight (Jonathan Kellerman) - murder mystery. Very good
  • Two for the Dough (Janet Evanovich) - light. Nice to catch up on early book from the series that I hadn't read
So it looks like I didn't do much reading in May - most unlike me. I do remember thoroughly enjoying 'Billy Straight' so its my pick from the month.

At the moment I'm reading Nelson Mandela's biography and I'd have to say that I'm making fairly slow progress. I'm only managing 1 chapter a day and its a BIG book. At the rate I'm going its going to take me more than a month to read it.



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