Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost compulsory purchase of ring!

Standing in a shop with a large ring on my finger that won't come off is one of the scariest things that has happened to me in a while!

There's a fabulous little shop called Blackbird not far from here that's full of lovely crafty bits & pieces. I've been having a lovely time poking around when I come across a bowl of rings. A friend of mine has been saying a lot lately that I'm not particularly adventurous with my jewelery so I decide to try on a 'knuckle duster' type of ring.

It slides on smoothly, it looks pretty but I'm not sure. I want to try it on another finger. Hmmm, not sliding off as easily as it slid on. In fact, its not moving at all. Ok, stay calm, discretely yank on ring in the start of a 'oh my god, am I wearing this forever' panic, all without having to share my predicament with the shop owner.

Now its perfectly obvious that this ring is just not coming off. Charming shop owner offers suggestions - hold hand up in air to reduce blood flow (finger now slightly swollen so its NEVER coming off), cold cloth to stop swelling etc. Starting to think about how hard would it be for I. to get the thing off later in the day - what sort of file would we need? How much blood would be involved?

Decide that I need to man up and buy the ring so I can go away and panic in private!

Complete our transaction with me wondering out loud about 'who can I give this ring to that has smaller fingers than me once I get it off' but secretly thinking that this ring is going to be destroyed before it ever comes off my finger! As I walk out the door I waggle it one more time in resignation and it JUST SLIDES OFF! Unbelievable!! Charming shop owner notices and buys the ring back off me and I drive back to work thinking that it served me right for sneaking some pottering time off from work when there was work to be done.

End result: I'm a very happy non-purchaser of the shop Blackbird and I am going to be exceptionally careful about trying on large knuckle duster rings!

If you're in the Christchurch area, please make the effort to come and visit Blackbird (their byline is 'secret treasure box'!). Its at 16 Station St in Heathcote Valley. There's no website yet but I'm assured its coming. I'll certainly be going back there when I have some spare cash.



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Laughed aloud. Probably my favourite Whimsical Wondering.

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