Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last month, or perhaps the month before, I committed to a creative endeavour organised by Nikki-Shell. When I signed up, I thought that I would be able to do this easily. Then - a bonus! We got an extra month to get it completed in!! No problems. Hah!

What I've come to realise is that: a) I'm a complete procrastinator, and b) if it wasn't for the deadline that looms NEXT WEEK, there's no way that this project would ever get underway. To be fair, the realisation that I'm a procrastinator is not a new one and I have systems in place at work that enable me to complete work on time. (One of the best ones is to share with I. what I've actually managed to achieve in a day - it can be pretty humbling as admitting that I've wasted most of a day is not a strong place to stand.)

Anyway, back to the zine. I've already received one from one of the lovely participants but, now its confession time, I've yet to start mine! I've had lots of great ideas but there's been no activity in the execution department. So I'm declaring to all and sundry that before I leave work today I will have completed ONE whole page. [Thinks to herself: today is the 23rd, it must be posted by the 30th, so that leaves 7 days to produce it. I'm going to have to do more than 1 page per day, dammit, or modify the concept!]

So expect some wingeing over the next few days - about deadlines, lack of creativity and why, oh why, have I left this to the last minute again? But I'm not making myself wrong!??! Nope, no time for that, just have to get stuck in and do it.

Edited to add: as of this afternoon I have 1 page done!! 11 to go & counting.



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