Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Giant dust bunnies

I am not a naturally tidy person and neither is I. so together we create chaos in our house. On Easter Monday I'd had enough of our completely trashed bedroom and spent the whole afternoon degunging it and I'd have to say that my dust bunnies had morphed into giant were-bunnies that lurked in the corners and growled whenever I approached.

I moved every piece of furniture in the room and cleared everything off the floor and its amazing how much more spacious the room feels now. Plus, I have a feeling of virtuousness which always helps.

I hate housework with a passion but I live in an old villa that generates dust as a natural by-product of its age plus, living in a small country village, we get a lot of outside dust (nor'west winds, burnoffs, that sort of thing). I'm not complaining about living in a small village - I love it. BUT country living can be messy and when one is not houseproud, the mess and dirt builds up without one really noticing until the dust bunnies start to growl.

The upside of not being particularly houseproud is that when does do an attack on a room, its extremely satisfying as the results are SPECTACULAR. All that's left to do is the bay window sill and going through drawers to make room for stuff that has been living on the floor. Throwing out things is extremely satisfying and I'm in the mood to do more.



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