Friday, February 29, 2008

Thoughts from this extra day

I should be working so these are just bullet point jottings:
  • I. & I have decided that the next time this extra day rolls around, we're going to take it off work and give ourselves a FUN day that doesn't involve work or any 'should dos'!
  • I have just inherited a digital camera from the best brother-in-law ever!! Quite aside from the fact that he'll always be that because he's my only one, all I can say is 'THANK YOU'.
  • I have been out every night this week. It looks like it may continue for a bit longer as well. I'm looking forward to being at home on Saturday night though. Makes juggling appointments challenging and I've already overlapped a couple of things next week which is going to be a bit of a challenge.
  • 'Men in Trees' has started again and I. taped it for me last week, even though I'd forgotten it was on (because I was out). Isn't he fantastic?!
  • My baby sister and her hubby (see point #2) are in the country for another two and a bit weeks. Yay! Next weekend all our family are going away to a holiday house in the mountains for some together time. It may be a bit overwhelming for I. but the rest of us are fully intending to have a great time. The 5 nephews & nieces are going to get thoroughly spoilt. There will be cake and maybe even some shoe conversations!
  • I've eaten out far too often this week. My bank account has taken a bit of a hammering.
  • Gave my brother P ticket to go to the Split Enz concert and am now suffering from envy. May yet get tickets for ourselves.
  • Haven't had my afternoon coffee yet and am not sure if its a good idea as I already feel hyped up but am out tonight until midnight, minimum, so may need the kick start it will provide.
Enough blithering. Things to do, people to see, coffee to drink!



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