Friday, February 01, 2008

November readings - I can't believe it!

Drawing with the iGirl whilst babysitting, Dec 07

I'm completely staggered to see how long its been since I blogged. I'm an avid blog reader and I suspect I get put off putting my own thoughts down here when there are so many other, waaaay more articulate and regular bloggers out there. I know that its not a competition and that I am doing this just for me, blah blah blah, but I still feel as though I have nothing worth while to contribute.

In lieu of actual thoughts, here is the reading list from November 2007:
  • City of Light (Lauren Belfer)
  • Angels (Marion Keyes)
  • Bad Boy (Olivia Goldsmith)
  • The Dead Sit Round in a Ring (David Lawrence)
  • Icehenge (Kim Stanley Robinson)
  • Making Hay (Veronica Henry)
  • Beneath These Stones (Ann Granger)
  • Metro Girl (Janet Evanovich)
Only 8 books that month as I've been quite busy. Least favourite book: hard to decide as there were quite a few books that were completely predictable but 'Icehenge' drove me completely nuts. I only finished it out of sheer pig-headedness. I find it incredibly difficult to read books where more than 1 character is telling the story and when you space the characters out over a long time, it just (there's really no other way to say this) prolongs the agony. Don't read it. When Science Fiction is good, its absolutely brilliant but bad SF is truely horrendous.

I don't have a favourite for the month although Marion Keyes is always a relaxing read.

As a result of my busyness I've discovered something interesting that I do whenever I feel overwhelmed by the world - I sit and read so I don't have to think. I think I've always known that I do this but its only in the last couple of months that I've acknowledged it. At the moment I've reduced my reading to make sure that I only read when I genuninely have nothing else that I SHOULD be doing.



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