Monday, April 16, 2007


I went along to the opening night of 'Cats' on Friday night, put on by Showbiz at the Theatre Royal and it was great. I'd never seen it before but was very familiar with the music. Unfortunately, due to I's inability to take Day/Night tablets when he's got a cold, he wasn't able to go as planned so I took my (very pregnant) sister-in-law J. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

There's a lot to be said for going on opening night. You've got no preconceived notions about what the show will be like and can just get on with being involved. The theatre was absolutely full. Apparently half an hour before the show started there were 5 seats not sold and they were in the back row of the gods. It was a bit of a scrum getting a cold drink in the interval but that's to be expected in that situation.

I felt that everyone in the show was very professional. They are all amateurs and have day jobs so I can only assume that they had a lot of rehearsals because the dancing was excellent. Everyone kept in cat character very well. I only spotted one obvious mistake when two cast members ran into each other during a particularly frenetic dance scene but they recovered well. One cat's tail came off but she was able to reattach it in the interval. Minor hiccups that can happen in any show.

So, I can thoroughly recommend the show and I'm really glad I made the effort to go on opening night. Its something I must remember to do for other productions I want to see. Nice to hear that the show is almost sold out, even with some extra shows they've put into the season.

It was an incredibly cold night. J. had brought along a woolly hat to wear on the way to and from the theatre and when we walking back to the car afterwards, I really envied her the hat. I could feel the heat draining from my head as we walked.

We called in at Winnie Bagoes to have a coffee and a bit of a wind down. It was quite amusing watching some of the young girls faces when they saw how pregnant J. is! Going into bars nowdays is so much more pleasant as its all non-smoking. It has certainly increased my comfort levels. The smokers didn't look so thrilled as they huddled in the alleyway around the brazier. I'm very grateful I never started.

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