Friday, January 22, 2010

Toasting technology

I'm obviously too tired — I just poured a full cup of coffee over my cellphone! Its currently dismantled & toasting itself gently in the oven to try and dry it out. Who knows if it will work. I feel a little bit as though I've lost a limb.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few steps forward

Agreeing to a friend's persuasion and signing up to walk the half marathon is only the first of many expensive steps.

There's the decent walking shoes to purchase so I don't end up crippled - they're actually running shoes as they have more 'cushioning'. Not that I have them yet as they didn't have any in my size. Hopefully I'll get them on Fri before I head away on holiday. Yes, they'll be coming with me as I HAVE to get some distance in in them so my feet don't die on the day. These shoes are the most expensive I've ever bought and they're PINK! Apparently its so you can tell I'm a female. They'll be the first pink thing I've worn for ever I suspect.

It was also recommended that I buy specialist socks that help prevent blisters. As I'm all for that I also bought a pair of them, once again at huge expense. They're actually shaped differently for your left & right feet!

This whole walking thing is opening up a whole new world of expense and marketing. Ridiculous really when you think about women wearing girdles walking over the Bridle Path on a nor'west day. The only good thing is that I have now convinced another friend to join us. If I'm going down I'm going to take as many people as possible with me!


Friday, January 15, 2010

What on earth was I thinking when I said "Yes"?

Its not something I've ever aspired to do. It has never made my bucket list or been a 'maybe one day' thing. Its never whispered seductively to me.

But I'm still doing it.

I've just registered to walk a 1/2 Marathon in a few weeks!!