Friday, February 26, 2010


It could have been a post about the weather, which has been remarkably 'fine', if not brilliant, but its not. It could have been a post about my health which is 'fine', but its not.

Its a whinge about the fact that I have 2 overdue library books for the first time in forever and I now have a 'fine' of . . . $2 each = $4 total! Hmmmpff.

What's happened is that I've decided that I've been spending way too much time reading lately. I had got to the point of taking out 5-6 books a week and reading them all. End result: life passing me by. So I just left the pile of unread books in the corner and thought I would read them before returning them. Didn't, haven't, going back unread - nothing wrong with the books, I may even get them out for another attempt (once I've paid my fine).

Its a different life now that I'm not powerhousing through reading ALL THE TIME. I have more time in my day for doing things like spending time with I., doing dishes, chatting to friends, noticing the weather, etc. Much more interesting.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Done & Dusted!

Except that you could hardly call it dusted - the wind & rain were exceptional! I don't think I've ever been so wet and been prepared to stay out in it.

So I walked the Buller Gorge 1/2 Marathon in the wettest, wildest conditions I've ever been in. At the start the wind was throwing the rain so forcefully at us that it hurt. Quite often everyone was walking hunched over (didn't see the runners - they left before us). Luckily that only lasted for the first hour or so. I didn't have my watch on as its not waterproof so I'm only guessing the time.

The scenery was quite spectacular in this weather. The wind was picking water up out of the river and hurling it at us, as well as throwing it out of the sky at us. It was amazing how fast the river rose. I'd have to say that the river was flowing faster than I was walking, which was a little depressing.

Overall, I was pleased with my time. I have no idea if it was a 'good' time but I completed it and bet my friend by 3 minutes. I really got that I'm completely competitive but probably only in the stuff that doesn't matter, like this! Walking up the Bridle Path really paid off because the giant hill that people talked about was a doddle - in fact, I was able to pass people on it so the agony was worth it at that point.

Spending time with my friends was great. I feel as though I know them much better and I thoroughly enjoyed their company. What more could one ask from a weekend?


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Luckily I've engaged my brain

I've yet to walk this 1/2 marathon thingee & already, when people mention other opportunities to do other crazy length walks, my mouth has the tendency to say "that sounds OK!".

Where's my head?? I've yet to test my survival ability in a long (OK, extremely long) walk. Why would I want to even think about doing another before I've proved I can survive this one? Madness I tell you.

So, no further commitments have been committed to yet. Hmm, where did that 'yet' spring from?

On a side note - my phone survived (I'm touching wood)!!

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