Friday, April 20, 2007

General catch up

I don't have anything particular to say so thought I'd just post a selection of rambling thoughts!
  • Saw a shooting star as we drove home last night. Seriously cool. Haven't seen one for ages. This is the advantage of shorter days - it increases the likelihood of spotting shooting stars.
  • I. and I both caught colds over Easter weekend. He's over his and I'm still revoltingly snotty. How come? Its not fair. I'm so over this.
  • Going up to the Sounds for 5 days!!! Theoretically, we should leave tonight but as we're towing the boat it makes for a much slower journey so we're leaving tomorrow morning. The theory goes that we'll be in Kaikoura for morning tea (coffee and cake looking at the sea) and Blenheim for lunch. As absolutely nothing is packed yet I'm not sure how we're going to execute that particular plan. The only thing we've organised so far is asking our fabulous neighbours to feed the cat, which they can do.
  • Its a fantastically sunny day today. I noticed that the oak trees by the river opposite Princess Margaret Hospital are looking brilliant - all red and orange colours. At work we've had the paraponters floating down from the hills behind us to the park in the valley. It looks very cool but there's still no way I'll ever do it.
  • Spoke to the little blister this morning (Hi E). She was raving about the fantastic home made curry she was eating as she spoke to me but as I was in morning mode, it did absolutely nothing for me.
OK, enough with the dots. I think my brain just fell out. Have a great weekend and Anzac Day everyone.

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Blogger Whispers in your ear said...

I spoke to E this morning, too. It must have been earlier than your phone call, as the beef in question wasn't yet curry, it was still sitting in a marinade. I was munching my muesli at the time, and I swear that she had her pot upside down.

3:39 PM  

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