Monday, September 22, 2008

Reading lists - a bit of a catch up

Even though I haven't posted any reading lists for ages, I've still been reading & keeping a record!

Dec 2007:
  • Transformation (Carol Berg)
  • Chasm City (Alastair Reynolds)
  • The Empty Chair (Jeffery Deaver)
  • Portuguses Irregular Verbs (Alexander McCall Smith)
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter (Jane Sigaloff)
  • Polar City Nightmare (Katharine Kerr)
  • Love & Devotion (Erica James)
  • My Legendary Girlfriend (Mike Gayle)
  • Revelation (Carol Burg)
  • Sleep No More (Greg Iles)
  • In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (Alexander McCall Smith)
Unfortunately, I didn't keep any notes on what books I enjoyed or not but I do remember that I was very disappointed with 'Portuguese Irregular Verbs'. I'm guessing that I enjoyed the Carol Burg books if I went on to read the 2nd one in the series.

Jan 2008:
  • She's All That (Kristin Billerbeck) - Christian chick lit (had to read it when it was categorised as that!)
  • Small Town (Lawrence Block) - skim read this. Absolute trash. Don't bother. Thank goodness for libraries.
  • Lot of Love (Fiona Walker) - chick lit
  • The Curse of Challion (Lois McMaster Bujold) - fantasy
  • Vroom by the Sea (Peter Moore) - travel. Have fantasies of doing this sort of thing (travelling by Vespa in Italy)
  • Paladin of Souls (Lois McMaster Bujold) - fantasy
  • The Blessing File (Caroline Morwood)
  • Friends, Lovers, Chocolate (Alexander McCall Smith) - mildly entertaining
  • Natural History (Justina Robson) - fantasy/sci fi. Really couldn't be bothered with it & returned it unread
On to the next month which was . . .

Feb 2008:
  • China Road (Rob Gifford) - non-fiction. Absolutely brilliant and positive. One of those books that I just had to keep reading
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes (Ruth Rendell) - murder/mystery. Depressing
  • Accelerando (Charles Stross) - sci fi. I don't remember this one at all but made a note saying mind bending!
  • Seeing George (Cassandra Austin) - this was categorised as a modern fairytale and was a quick and pleasant read
  • Trading Tatiana (Debi Alper) - modern mystery. Evocative with weird characters
  • The Secrets of Jin-Shei (Alma Alexander) - medieval/historic. Set in China. Completely feminine viewpoint. I found it fabulous
  • Every Boy's Got One (Med Cabot) - chick lit. Nice read
  • Yon Ill Wind (Piers Anthony) - sci fi. Lots of work puns
  • The Last Precinct (Patricia Cornwall) - murder mystery
That will do for the lists for today!



Blogger Debi said...

Hi, WW.

My Google alerts flagged up this mention of my book. Glad you seem to have enjoyed it.

That's quite an eclectic list! Writers need readers, so thanks to you for doing your bit for book lovers everywhere.

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