Monday, September 22, 2008

A rave about Spring

The weather here has been fabulous. Beautiful sunny days and moderate winds so that all the blossom trees are blossoming fabulously and not losing the blossom. Some years the blossom only stays on the tree for a day, if we're lucky but this year its just fabulous. Driving through town at 11.30pm on Friday night I was able to see the cherry blossoms between Hagley Park and Little Hagley just glowing in the moonlight (and street lamps) through the trees and over the river. Spectacular.

The daffodils and kowhais are equally as spectacular as well. Apparently all the rain we had this winter has meant that the daffodils have done really well this year. My garden is a riot of gold. There's still snow on them thar mountains which means we may still get a frost but it all just looks great at the moment.

Its amazing the difference a bit of sunshine makes on everyone's outlook on life. After a winter of gloomy weather and LOTS of rain, a few days of sunshine and everyone has perked up. Life is much more pleasant at the moment.



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